Digital "Thinking" began operation in 1996, as a pioneer to digital photography, servicing the general public in Hong Kong. We provide a variety of professional and quality services with the aim of savoring the best moments for our customers. These services include ID/passport photos, graduation and families photos, special-lighting character portrait, and old photograph refurbishing, etc. In order to add values to our customers, we also carry a wide range of unique and personalized gift items such as photo handbags, mugs, calendars and many other products.

Started in 1998, we expanded our services into the commercial sector. These services include product shooting, commercial portrait, event and outings, and photo film digitization and more.Over the years, many large and small business enterprises have enjoyed and benefited tremendously from our excellent services in these areas.

With the continuous growth in demand for our services, Digital "Thinking" moved from our original 150-square feet street-front shop in 2002 to a new 1,000-square feet studio. However, we quickly ran out of space. In October 2004, we moved again to our current studio which has an area of over 2,500 square feet. This brand new studio gives us more operational flexibility and far more choices in backgrounds and lighting arrangement, all with the aim of providing you with even higher quality and professional photo services.


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